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Nanette Lederer Calder
American, 1866-1960

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Nanette Calder, a talented artist in her own right, was the mother of one of America's greatest artist, Alexander Calder. This painting is a portrait of Nanette’s daughter, Margaret Calder Hayes, sister to Alexander Calder.

Artistic talent was encouraged and fostered within the Calder family through Nanette’s husband, Alexander Sterling Calder and father in law, Alexander Milne Calder.

Margaret Calder Hayes was born in Paris, France in 1896 and died in Berkeley, California in 1988. She married Kenneth Hayes, raised two sons, Calder and Kenneth, and was active in many community endeavors throughout California. She was instrumental in the development of the UC Berkeley Art Museum and conducted art classes for children in her home for some 18 years.

-from Three Alexander Calders: A Family Memoir, written by Margaret Calder Hayes

Nanette studied at the Academie Julien and the Sorbonne from around 1888- 1893. When she returned to Philadelphia and studied, or painted for fun, at the Penna Academy of the Fine Arts where she met father, A. Stirling Calder, an assistant instructor and married him on February 22, 1895. She painted all her life until her eyes “played tricks” and was essentially a portrait painter. She took orders and sold a few paintings, but subordinated her work to care for and help father. She was considered “gifted” by art friends who knew her work.

After her children (Sandy[Alexander] and I) were out from under and she could, she took drawing lessons at the League in New York where they lived and when discussing Sandy’s painting (he uses the primary colors straight from the jars) said “ I could teach him a thing or two about paint, but of course, he is not interested” about which she said “I am trying to express solidity by a single line as Sandy does. But I am essentially a painter.” Which means she models with paint.

-from a documentation letter about the painting, Portrait of Margaret Calder Hayes, written by Margaret Calder Hayes